Flooring “Vibrolor”

  • Description


“Vibroflor” is a thin flooring, designed to supress noise and vibrations, when mounting floating floor or laminate. Suitable to use on clean and levelled floors in both, living and institutional premises.



  • polyester fibre.


“Vibroflor” consists of primary recyclable polyester fibre with no extra dash, hence it is completely safe for human use. “Vibraflor” is a good sound and vibration isolation material, recommended to use in constructions, especially when applying laminate, parquet and other light flooring. In order to level the floor and reduce the vibrations and sound transmission even more, use “Vibraflor” together with the “Sonoplat” products.


Recommendations for use:

As an anti-vibration flooring:

  1. Spread the material on a levelled and dry surface edge to an edge.
  2. Strengthen the links with tape.
  3. Spread the chosen material (laminate, parquet)


In vertical constructions it is recommended:

  1. Spread the layer with “Baugter” glue of “Titebond Heavy Duty” super glue.


Attention! The material can wrap itself up on the perforator. Before mounting the perforator, it is recommended to cut or pierce it.