Acoustic plasterboard Basic 40


Acoustic plasterboard Basic 40

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The multi-layered plasterboard is relatively thin but is more then enough to create environments that offer acoustic comfort. It is one of the thinnest sound isolation boards the company has produced. The product is basic and reliable, therefore is designed for ordinary projects that require a sound-proof ceiling or reducing the noise reverberation in the room.

The thickness of the plasterboard is 40mm and the additional sound isolation measure is ΔRw = 11 dB. The board can be used to improve the sound isolation of the walls, ceiling or partition structures. Basic 40 is accustomed to living premises, public institutions (hospitals, libraries, open offices etc.), industrial establishments. The plasterboard is fireproof and water resistant, which ensures the longevity, when placed in bathroom or kitchen environment.

The measurements of the plate are 1.2x6m, thickness only 40mm, which allows a quick and efficient installation.


Basic 40 acoustic plasterboard consists of two layers: 20mm thickness plaster fibre plate and 20mm soft coat, made from pressed glass slab. Every slab has eight factory holes that are made for the assembling of the vibration knot system and surface protection. Please note that the assembling kit doesn’t come with the slab.


The acoustic plasterboard Basic 40 is a great asset for home or other

premises that don’t require high sound isolation. These plates are recommended to use for:

  • interior partition flats, cottages and offices manufacturing;
  • installation in between flats and living quarters;
  • the assembling of ceiling in both, living premises and public institutions.
  • Optimal relation between the plate’s thickness and effectiveness;
  • Easy and efficient installation;
  • Quick to assemble;
  • Effective protection from vibration and any surface damage;
  • Suitable for moist environments (bathroom, kitchen, industrial premises etc.);
  • Made from fireproof materials.