Vibroacoustic sealant “Sonetic”


Vibroacoustic sealant “Sonetic”

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One-component silicone vibroacoustic sealant “Sonetic” is a non-flammable and water resistant material, used for links sealing, in order to lower sound vibrations. It can cover the gaps in between various types of materials and “Sonoplat” plates conjunctions. The sealant can also be used in sound isolation systems. It will cover the gaps and pack plasterboard, gypsum fibre, magnetic concrete-glass, concrete shavings, OSB, wood shavings and other types of plates. This material also improves the sound isolation qualities.

silicone tar;
other additives containing tar.

to link and seal solid materials;
use “Sonoplat” for the filling of the gaps between the plates.

Vibroacoustic sealant is perfect for concrete, brick, gypsum, glass, metal, ceramics, plastic, varnished and painted wood.

“Sonetic” functions and advantages:

  • great vibroacoustic qualities;
  • always remains flexible;
  • carefully seals all all sizes gaps;
  • 100% water resistant;
  • non-flammable and chemical resistant;
  • can be attached to a number of various building materials;
  • UV resistant.

Recommendations for use: Use “Sonetic” only with the building pistol. The surface must be clean from grease, oil and other substance that can have negative impact on the cohesion. Vibroacoustic sealant “Sonetic” is made in Germany.