Universal glue “Baugter”

  • Description


“Baugter” is reliable and efficient glue that firmly sticks together heavy, as well as light and soft construction material. Most suitable to use together with foam structure, decorative trimming materials and sound isolation membranes. Works with:

  • foam;
  • polystyrene;
  • polypropylene;
  • polyethylene foam;
  • polyester felt;
  • synthetic wadding;
  • membranes;
  • caoutchouc;
  • bitumen;
  • and other materials.


“Baugter” can be used in making furniture when attaching decorative elements and fillings (suitable for fabrics, leather, latex, synthetic wadding, coconut fibre, and others). It can also be used for attaching certain materials one to another (wood, carton etc.). The special glue formula makes it possible to use in both ways, with hands (using a brush, paddle, roller) and automatic way, spraying the glue with the special glue injector (diameter 1,5 mm – 3 mm). The glue can be used to stick one or both sides.



  • Appearance: swampy homogeneous red liquid with an organic solvent smell
  • Mass of the varnished materials: 47 ± 4%.
  • Density: 0.85 g/cm3
  • Dynamic viscosity: 300-600 mPa · s (e20 ± 0,5°C)
  • Warehouse period: sealed in the original packing, stored in temperature +5 ° С to +30 ° С for 1 year.
  • Inflammable.


Precaution measures:

Glue is a solution made from inflammable organic solvents. When storing and opening this product, you must keep to fire-prevention security requirements – do not store or work with glue next to an open fire or even sources of sparks. The pasting works must be done in a space where there is installed a proper ventilation. Avoid glue getting on your skin, because it contains irritating substances. Do not inhale the glue.


Recommendations for use

The surfaces must be clean from dirt and dust. It is recommended to keep the materials, being glued together, in the workshop as long as they adjust to the room temperature. The optimal temperature range for pasting is 18 ± 5 °C. It is not recommended gluing when the temperature is lower than 10 °C. The total drying time is 2-3 hours, depending on the humidity and the temperature of the material.